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Climate Change!

How to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses at Home

How to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses at Home
Ways to Reduce Fuel Consumption on the Road
How Composting Works
What is Harmful to the Environment

While at home, there are a lot of ways to help reduce greenhouse gases. You can daft-proof your home, in other words, get a professional to caulk and weather strip your house. By doing this, it will keep the hot and cool air inside your house and it will reduce heating needs by 20%. Another way is to use more efficient light bulbs. Light bulbs that have Energy StarŪ labels on them are the best light bulbs for your home. They save 75% less electricity than a normal light bulb and they can save you 30$ a year. Another thing is to lower your thermostat by 1° Celsius at night. By doing this, you can save 2% on your heating bill. One of the best things to do is to buy new appliances. Energy StarŪ appliances were tested and they use less than 50% electricity than appliances made ten years ago. The last possible thing to do is to reduce your household waste. Tests have shown that Canadians recycle 25% of their household waste. The problem is that we could recycle 70% more than we are now. If everyone took these tips seriously, the world would be a better place and Global Warming would be less affective.