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Climate Change!

Ways to Reduce Fuel Consumption on the Road
How to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses at Home
Ways to Reduce Fuel Consumption on the Road
How Composting Works
What is Harmful to the Environment

        There are many ways to dramatically reduce your energy consumption, and probably the best place to start would be on the road. Transportation is where most of our fuel is burned, and where the greatest damage is done to the atmosphere. Some obvious tips would be to use public transportation, car pool, and try to combine the errands you have to do, so you hopefully don’t get caught in rush hour traffic.

            Another tip would be to not idle your car. Did you know that idling your car for 10 minutes a day produces a quarter-tonne of Green House Gasses (GHG’s) and cost you about $70 worth of gas money?

            If, by chance, you are buying a new vehicle, you should really consider a very fuel-efficient one. Because of how much we have already damaged our atmosphere and breathing air, it can only help. Cars such as Volvos, Mercedes (though they may be pricy), and other cars will help our environment and they’re stylish.

            And last, check your tire pressure! 70% of all cars have at least one or more of their tires over or under inflated, this can cause us to use more energy to get the car around, so please check their pressure at least once a month.