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Climate Change!

What is Harmful to the Environment
How to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses at Home
Ways to Reduce Fuel Consumption on the Road
How Composting Works
What is Harmful to the Environment

We have stated what is good and how to help the environment but what is harmful to it.  There is of course gas guzzling vehicles which is mainly the number one cause but there are other things.  Smoke from fire places, factories, and smoking are very harmful to the o zone layer.  Also there are other ways of destroying the environment which don’t give out gas emissions.  Extreme sports like motocross, mountain biking, atvs, ski doos, and sea doos.  Most of these things are damaging to the soil and leaves a trail of destruction.  On top of that many pedestrians or houses near by get noise pollution, and damage to their area/neighbourhood.  If it’s up north it pollutes what we have left of the forest and lakes that we must treasure for generations to generations.